What Comes After Neoliberalism?

“Neoliberalism is dead, and we have an opening to produce something new. We have the chance to create a new future, and I think institutions like ESRA are going to be central to this project.” – Nick Srnicek more

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6 September 2016

Check out Nick Srnicek’s keynote talk at the launch of Economic and Social Research Aotearoa, which took place during the Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change conference at Victoria University of Wellington.

His talk explains the role think tanks have played historically in the development of neoliberal politics. He goes on to explore the role that left think tanks like ESRA can play in developing a post-capitalist politics for today.

Nick is a lecturer at City University London. He is the author of Platform Capitalism (Polity, 2016), Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World WIthout Work (Verso, 2015 with Alex Williams), and is currently writing After Work: What’s Left and Who Cares? (Verso, forthcoming, with Helen Hester).