Sue Bradford

Dr Sue Bradford is a community-based activist and former Green MP whose 2014 doctoral thesis A major left wing think tank in Aotearoa: an impossible dream or a call to action? instigated the development of ESRA. more

18 August 2016

Much of Sue’s political and research work has been in the areas of welfare, jobs, housing and organisational development.  She was actively engaged in the unemployed workers’ movement locally and nationally from 1983 -1999, and played a key role in the development of the three Auckland Peoples Centres and Kotare Trust:  Research and Education for Social Change in Aotearoa.  Her background as a former journalist, street activist, radical community development worker and legislator bring a range of experience, skills and insights integral to ESRA’s progress.

Sue is an educator with Kotare Trust, and since graduating with a PhD in public policy in 2014, she supervises several doctoral candidates with Professor Marilyn Waring at the Institute of Public Policy (AUT).  She guest lectures and writes academically to the extent time and opportunity permit.