Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change 2017

The fourth annual conference in the Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change series will be hosted by Economic and Social Research Aotearoa and Massey University, 6 – 8 September 2017 at Massey’s Albany campus in Auckland. more

10 March 2017

Ka whawhai tonu mātou

Beyond capitalism – beyond colonisation

As political, economic and ecological crises deepen so does the urgency of our need to find new ideas and new methods of organising. What are the brightest ideas and models emerging from our activist work and from our research? How do we affirm Te Tiriti o Waitangi while conceiving and working for a future beyond capitalism and colonisation? How do we find new, effective ways of coproducing knowledge from across the academic-activist divide? 

This conference builds on those of previous years. We seek to bring together a diverse range of activists and academics with two key goals:

  1. To deepen our understanding of each other’s knowledge, experience, methods and solutions.
  2. To identify new friends and allies and strengthen existing relationships in our shared work for a constitutionally, economically and ecologically transformed Aotearoa.

Papers are invited around the following themes:

Beyond capitalism

  • Contemporary experiments with new forms of political and economic organisation: theory and practice
  • The challenges of scale and scope in building for transition
  • Solidarity with the planet – climate justice and the struggles against resource depletion in the age of denial
  • Solidarity with the people – participative, inclusive, egalitarian and non-hierarchical ways of organising with/in social movements

Beyond colonisation

  • Emerging forms of Tiriti-centred biculturalism
  • Next steps towards constitutional transformation in Aotearoa
  • Struggles for sovereignty here in Aotearoa and across Te Moana-nui-a-kiwa
  • Innovative ways of resisting the waves of conservatism, patriarchy and/or racism
  • Making sense of global movement: markets, migration and/or multiculturalism
  • Intersections between reproduction, economy and decolonisation

Beyond the neoliberal academy

  • New insights into the coproduction of knowledge between the academic and activist worlds
  • Emerging collaborative and activist methodologies
  • Voices from the frontlines – activist theory and practice
  • Resistance and survival in the neoliberal academy
  • Innovative ways of doing research with/in communities

Abstracts for papers, ideas for panel presentations, and suggestions for workshops can be submitted for consideration by contacting These need to be with us by 30 June.

Speakers presenting individual papers at the conference will have 20 minutes each. Panels and workshops will have 90 minutes. Conference organisers are also keen to discuss new and innovative forms of participation, that would enhance engagement between participants. Please feel free to contact organisers with suggestions. 

You can register to attend the conference here.

Conference organising collective

Fiona te Momo, Helen Potter, Margaret Kawharu, Messina Shaw, Ozan Alakavuklar, Shannon Walsh, Sue Bradford, Warwick Tie (convenor).