Bentham in the Beehive: Utilitarianism, Neoliberalism and the Wellbeing Budgets

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In this article, ESRA researcher Neil Vallelly interrogates the origins of wellbeing policy, arguing that the ‘idea that wellbeing is linked to a society that glorifies and hoards private property, exploits and precaritises work, and sees debt as a necessary component of having a place to live, access to healthcare, and getting an education, is one that we must challenge at every opportunity.’ more

Productivity and the future of technology

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In this chapter excerpt from the forthcoming ESRA collection ‘Whose Futures?’ Shannon Walsh considers the New Zealand Productivity Commission’s recent inquiry into Technological change and the future of work. He examines the inquiry as a case study in the limitations of mainstream economic thought on the question of the future of technology and technological change. more

Taking the initiative in a time of crisis

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ESRA researcher Shannon Walsh takes a moment to reflect on how another think-tank, the New Zealand Initiative, has chosen to respond to the current crisis. more


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ESRA researcher Jack Foster considers the financial aspects of the current crisis more

Memorial through action

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One year on from the white supremacist terrorist attack in Christchurch, gender-based violence specialist Hala Nasr reminds us that everyday racism and white supremacist terrorism are deeply connected. In this powerful reflection, Hala encourages us to honour the memory of the victims of the attack by tackling the indifference toward racism that is still very much embedded in our society. more

An Initial Response to the Covid-19 Recovery Package

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In this intervention ESRA researcher Ben Rosamond offers a timely analysis of the governments COVID-19 recovery package. more

Ecological crises and equitable futures

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In this chapter from the forthcoming ESRA collection ‘Whose Futures?’ Sy Taffel, Senior Lecturer in Media Studies and co-director of the Political Ecology Research Centre at Massey University, offers a diagnosis of dominant narratives of possible ecological futures and what they mean for us. more

Kiwibuild should have always been public housing

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In this intervention, ESRA researcher Vanessa Cole considers the Government’s controversial Kiwibuild policy and their continued failure to respond adequately to the housing crisis. more


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Recently, ESRA researcher Amanda Thomas spoke to Sophie Handford about the upcoming school strike for climate and the need for inter-generational solidarity in the struggle for climate justice. more

Budget 2019 Report

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ESRA researchers have teamed up with community researchers and activists to consider what the 2019 ‘Wellbeing budget’ means for those who are worst served by our current system. more

Outside the Bunker: A Conversation about Capitalism, Crisis and Cruelty

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This interview between documentary film maker Baz Macdonald and ESRA Researcher Campbell Jones discusses capitalism, crisis, and the prospects for change. more

New Forms of Political Organisation

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Download a free copy of ESRA’s first book, ‘New Forms of Political Organisation’, or purchase a hard copy. more

Minimum Wage Policy in Context: Only a Living Wage Will Lift Workers Out of Poverty

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This is the first of a series of occasional interventions on the subject of income distribution and adequacy in Aotearoa New Zealand. more

To a Better World

How the Global Tech Elite Imagine the Future

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Aotearoa New Zealand has recently been in the global news as a bolthole for global billionaires preparing for the apocalypse, especially wealthy tech entrepreneurs and financial investors from the US. This report aims to shed light on how this segment of the global elite imagines the future. more

Bernard Spragg - New Zealand TR class locomotive

Auckland Fuel Levy an Attack on the Poor

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Solutions to traffic should never have to include depriving low income families of their ability to move around or put food on the table. more