New Forms of Political Organisation

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23 May 2019

ESRA’s first book ‘New Forms of Political Organisation’ is now available here in PDF form. If you would like to purchase a hard copy for $20 (NZD), please email

Read our blurb for the book:

Could politics be anything other than the boring administration of the economy in the interests of the already privileged? This volume collects innovative thinking about new forms of politics, new forms of political organisation and new ways of thinking politics. Contributors propose radical social change including a new social contract between Māori and others, constitutional transformation by 2040, new ways of relating to the natural environment, new ways of understanding housing and land, new forms of society outside and beyond colonial capitalism. Some propose new political parties, while others look to the rise of new forms of politics outside parliament. This book is a call to arms and an invitation to new forms of politics and new ways of understanding politics. Far from utopian dreaming, it announces that new forms of political organisation were here all along but are today promising to break into the open.

Click here to download a free copy of the PDF.