Nathalie Jaques

Nathalie is a researcher at FIRST Union, a PhD candidate and member of teaching staff in sociology at the University of Auckland and a community activist. Her work involves primary research in tactics of activist and industrial leverage, critique of capitalist economics, radical political strategy and critical theory. more

18 August 2016

Nathalie has previously completed a Master’s degree detailing the history of how economic value is understood in the wage relation and its consequences for the contemporary politics of work, dealing in particular with the Living Wage campaign. Her current doctoral research concerns the political consequences and opportunities that emerge from logistical restructuring of the global economy. This project explores the history and function of logistics, political economy of circulation, strategies and tactics of resistance, and the prospect of economic planning beyond capitalist supply chains.

As an activist, Nathalie has been involved in organising political actions around access and affordability of higher education, workers’ rights and welfare and unemployment rights. Drawing on experience in both political organising and academic research, Nathalie plays a role in ESRA in facilitating politically engaged research within and beyond formal academic borders.