Areas of Collective Research

ESRA has Inquiry Groups working in a range of areas.


Housing Inquiry Group

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ESRA’s Housing Inquiry Group is made up of activists and researchers who have an interest and expertise in housing, urban contexts and finance. The group is committed to a vision of housing beyond the current containment of capitalist social and spatial relations. Vanessa Cole coordinates the group’s work. more

Economic Planning Inquiry Group

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ESRA’s Economic Planning Inquiry Group looks at the ways in which the economy is currently planned, and the possibilities for a different way of planning the economy. The group is coordinated by Campbell Jones and Jonathan King. more

Political Organisation Inquiry Group

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ESRA’s Political Organisation Inquiry Group was formed to address the need for sustained and critical research into the state of political organisation in Aotearoa. The group is coordinated by Ben Rosamond and Finn Morrow. more