Can the non-voter speak?

Challenging dominant discourses on voting and non-voting in Aotearoa New Zealand, this talk by Dylan Taylor interrogates the literature on non-voting and seeks to prompt debate on this topic during an election year. It also serves as a launching point for a larger project. more

24 June 2017

What if the ‘problem’ is not the non-voter, but rather the political system itself? What if deep structural changes, extending beyond mere electoral reform and education, are needed? What role might de-colonisation play? How can issues pertaining to political-economy move the debate forward? What might an effective Left response to non-voters be? An important place to start finding answers is with non-voters themselves, something most of the research fails to do.

Dylan Taylor is a lecturer in sociology at Victoria University of Wellington. His research interests include social movements, activism, political sociology, and critical theory. He is editor of Counterfutures journal, and is a Researcher for Economic and Social Research Aotearoa.

We invite ESRA members, supporters, friends and the interested public to join us for this first in a three part ‘Winter Series’ of talks on topics of current interest. We aim for a convivial evening together, with food and beverages available at the venue, and participatory discussion to follow Dylan’s talk. For more information and to RSVP by 5 July –